British Shorts Film Festival Open Screening

I brought my latest short documentary film ‘Company B‘ – about Ireland’s only all-boy contemporary dance group – to my first Open Screening as part of the British Shorts Film Festival Berlin last week.  The screening took place in one of my favourite cinemas in Berlin, Sputnik Kino and it was the first time seeing it on the big screen.  Nice responses and questions in the Q & A afterwards too – can’t wait to show it again next month at the Shebeen Flick Irish Film Festival, Berlin.  I’m also looking forward to attending another Open Screening event – it was great to see so many filmmakers showing their work to such an enthusiastic audience!

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Analogue for life <3

Scan 5

It’s always such a delight to have analogue photos developed – when I see them printed in my hand, I’m immediately transported back in time to the moments before the shutter snapped.  I remember the decisions composing the shot, the patience (or more often than not, impatience) of the subject as I adjust the light meter and focus, the day, how I was feeling – all the little moments that brought the image to life that I just don’t get when taking pictures on digital devices.  I’m a sucker for process and I love the sense of occasion that analogue photography innately possesses.


This one is from my good friends Soracha & John’s wedding, it’s one of my favourite 35mm pictures.

5th Dublin Doc Fest

DDF Facebook Header 2017

Dublin Doc Fest – the short documentary film festival I founded in 2013 – returns for it’s fifth festival event in the gorgeous RHA Gallery on Sat the 11th of Nov 2017.  With four exciting film programmes from emerging and established documentary filmmakers from across the globe – join me for another night of special doc shorts on themes of observation and incarceration, memory and family ties, feminism, freedom and some wonderful music docs!

Dublin Doc Fest’s objective is to create a unique platform for short documentary film in Ireland – to give it its own space & context for exhibition – in carefully curated programmes. We believe Ireland fosters a high standard of documentary filmmaking. We want to create opportunities for these films to have a longer life – to place Dublin firmly on the map as an international destination for documentary film. Each screening brings together unique stories from some of the most original voices working in documentary film today. We love non-traditional screening spaces & always strive to exhibit our films against the backdrop of Dublin’s most iconic & beloved spaces.

Doors 5.30pm, first programme 6.00pm

Tickets €12 -€15* via here
*ticket prices not inclusive of VAT

Limited Early Bird tickets are on sale until 06/10/17 (or until sold out). All online ticket sales cease at 14:00pm on 11/11/17 where a limited number of cash door sales will be available at the event on the night. Arrive early to avoid disappointment!

Full Programme announced soon!


Things Men Have Said To Me This Year


In my home country (Ireland), I grew up under a social pressure to laugh off sexist jokes, for fear of being deemed anything from ‘no craic’, to a bitch.  For a long time I followed suit, or buried my head in the sand, not wanting to have to have ‘those conversations’.  I didn’t want to waste my energy.  But I realised that by ignoring the problem, wouldn’t make it go away & that by calling out sexist behaviour & engaging with people about the topic simply felt right.  Sometimes, though, it doesn’t always feel safe.

Reflecting on the culture whereby comments & judgements about women’s bodies pervade not just social & professional spaces, but more intimate situations for women – I wanted to do something with that feeling – the feeling of disempowerment that comes from being judged or slighted or commented on inappropriately.  There still seems to be a pretty prevalent entitlement and freedom to openly judge women’s bodies or to take sexually explicit and aggressive talk as light-hearted.  I think this behaviour, even today with all our awareness, is still very normalised for women, which is really sad.  By handing these comments back – just some that I have personally received this passed year – I wanted to take control and hopefully open up a conversation.

Join me for my first ever performance -‘Things Men Have Said To Me This Year’ – on Sat 16th of September at 18:00pm in Alexanderplatz, Berlin.  

Photo: Artur Rabinski

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Company B trailer

Finally finished my latest short documentary about Ireland’s only all boy contemporary dance group ‘Company B‘ which objective is to create a unique space for self expression through dance and movement.  In Ireland, boys have long been a minority in dance.  In this short documentary, members reveal what it’s like for them to dance, how it feels and why they love it.

Directed, Edited & Produced by Tess Motherway
Camera: Jonathan Barton

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‘8’ screening

IMG_20170408_224407634Last night my new short film ‘8’ saw it’s first private screening.  Devised in solidarity with the ‘Repeal the Eighth‘ campaign in Ireland that is fighting for Ireland’s abortion law to be brought to referendum, ‘8’ responds to the lack of choice for women in Ireland regarding bodily autonomy and reproductive choices.  ‘Eire’ – the Irish word for Ireland – makes reference to ‘old’ Ireland & symbolises that my body is not my own but, indeed, belongs to Ireland.  Abortion is illegal in Ireland, where the Eighth Amendment of the constitution equates the right to life of a pregnant woman with that of an embryo or foetus. In doing so, it criminalises abortion in all cases except where to continue a pregnancy would result in death. Medical practitioners can lose their licence, or face jail time, if they offer advice to women in need of abortions. Every day 12 women are forced to travel to the UK to have abortions and aftercare in Ireland is minimal for those who have to travel.

Spread the word. Keep the conversation going. Repeal the Eighth.


Filmed on location in Genolier, Switzerland while on residency at The Trélex Residency.


pool 3

Still from test shoot for new short film piece ‘8’.  More filming to go, watch this space!

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Plunging (literally) into my first (short, but oh so sweet) artist residency in the breathtaking Trélex, Switzerland.  It’s taken many years to take myself seriously as an artist, from taking a complete hiatus creatively, to finding my way back slowly through theory, filmmaking, conversation and (thank god for) creative friends.  Actually applying for and going on a residency is bigger still and although it’s still a challenge to feel comfortable describing myself in those terms – ‘artist’, ‘filmmaker’ – more and more these days I settle into the idea.


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Life Drawing


Pencil, indian ink & charcoal on paper.

Since moving to Berlin last summer I’ve made a welcome return to life drawing classes.  There’s so much on offer in the city, so many creative outlets.

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Trelex Residency


Delighted to say that I’ll be heading off to Trelex, close to Geneva, Switzerland, on an artist residency at The Trelex Residency in April 2017.  Nina Rodin, who set up the residency says “the Trelex Residency is motivated by my curiosity about the making of all forms of Art. It has been designed on the basis of what I, as an artist, would like from a residency: the Trelex Residency does not ask artists to fill out application forms, to outline an agenda for their stay, to commit to putting on an exhibition, to interact with a particular institution etc… I would like artists to feel free to use their time in Trelex in whichever way seems most productive to them.”  While there, I plan to film a new piece ‘8’ with the aim of editing and screening it while in residency.  Bring on a creative 2017!

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