New Short Documentary in Post-Production


Amongst running the next Dublin Doc Fest – short documentary film festival – back home in Dublin, Ireland, I’m also chipping away at editing my newest short documentary film.  Company B are an all-boy contemporary dance group based in inner city Dublin that I saw some years ago in the ‘Bird With Boy’ production by Junk Ensemble as part of Dublin Theatre Festival.  The passion and love of dance these boys possessed was so impressive, and to my mind I hadn’t seen anything like it in Ireland before.  It took some time before the timing was right to film them, but I was given the opportunity earlier this year by their wonderful choreographer Ciaran Gray who not only matches the boys’ enthusiasm for dance, but is on a mission to encourage boys to dance in Ireland and shed any old ideas or gender biased assumptions of the art.  It’s the first creative-themed documentary I’ve embarked on, and editing it is such a pleasure.  There’s so many rich, visual avenues to take with editing dance and movement, it allows one to break the rules in a really exciting way.  Watch this space…!

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