From talking about film to making film, ole Tess has returned to her practical roots by undertaking a course in film-making and editing, which couldn’t be more practical and engaging if it tried.   At the same time, I’m moving forward with my own art making, which is increasingly influenced by my celluloid (and of course digital) friend, but more on that another time.  The generously green painting above is the first in a happy series of paintings I’m pondering about these cold winter days.  Indeed, as I witness stark social and economic change unfold throughout Ireland, I’ve got to thinking about emigration once again.  Despite having already lived abroad, returned home and re-entered education once more in the last two years, flying the coop may very well be on the cards again in the not too distant future. In fact it’s always on the cards, which tends to give one somewhat of a strange feeling in the tummy.  Delicious!

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