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Working with more VHS archive footage, experimental documentary ‘Untitled‘ features frivolous moments from teenage years.  Capturing dreary suburban Dublin of the early 2000s – brash, nervous excitement clashes with more intimate moments of adolescent boredom.


Labor Berlin B & W development workshop


On Sat 7th Sept, myself and some other Labor Berlin members brushed up on our B & W Reversal developing skills by hand processing some 16mm and Super8 film in the lab with thanks to members Melina Pafundi and Bernd Luetzler who facilitated.  After the workshop we fired up the projectors and screened the results.  Hungry to film and process more before the winter sets in!


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On the Rag


Last week I took part in artist Kerstin Schroedinger‘s ‘Weaving Stories of Reproductive Autonomy’ workshop.  Along with six other female artists, we shared stories and spoke about the relationship between labor and women’s reproductive rights while working on various sewing techniques and practices, which Kerstin filmed.  I found myself talking about the Magdalene laundries in Ireland and began by sewing slang Hiberno-English phrases related to periods and being pregnant into my fabric.  It was interesting, and sad, to hear of the widespread relationship between labor and women’s reproduction across the globe.  After the workshop, one of the other artists shared this documentary piece on the topic of invisible labor, specifically the complex landscape of work in the home.

Neues Gemaelde


(acrylic, indian ink & pencil on canvas)

Neues Gemaelde!  Since transitioning to a new role and part-time work hours, I’ve happily had more time to paint, reflect, listen to my body and generally be more in tune with myself.  One of the catalysts for this awareness was reading a book called ‘Red Moon’ about the menstrual cycle and the body’s rhythms during it’s monthly stages. Tuning into these changes has brought an awareness of body and mind I’ve never experienced before and – perhaps for the first time consciously – brought me closer to myself.  This latest painting is a map of my menstrual cycle divided into it’s four stages – a culmination of this reflection and awareness and the marking of a new chapter.

Festival Política 2019


Another screening brings ‘Company B‘ happily into 2019 – this time Portugal’s Festival Política which takes place from April 25th – 28th 2019 in Lisbon and then travels onto Braga and Évora.  I’m always pleased to be included in festivals that engage with politics and/or human rights – opening up dialogue through film.  Also loving their festival poster – looks like it’ll be a great festival!

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Frame Rush Film Festival 2019


First screening of the new year!  Company B has been selected for yet another Dance Film Festival – the first ever edition of London’s Frame Rush Film Festival! So delighted to be getting more showings for the film.  Screening date is TBC but the festival takes place from March 15th – 16th in The Place, London, UK.

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Lightmoves Festival of Screendance 2018

Lightmoves_ Company B post


Delighted that Company B has been selected for this year’s Light Moves Festival of Screen Dance in Co. Limerick, Ireland.  I had this festival in mind to enter when first completing the film, so it’s a special one to be selected for.  The screening date is TBC but the festival takes place from Nov 8th – 11th 2018.

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Tipperary Dance Platform 2018


Company B has been selected for this year’s Tipperary Dance Platform International Screen Dance Festival in Co Tipperary, Ireland.  Screening date TBC but the festival takes place in the Excel Centre, Tipperary, Co. Tipperary from October 8th – 14th 2018.  Delighted it’s getting some screenings back home <3.


#documentary #film #festival #ireland #stillvoices #boysthatdance #contemporary #dance 
#dublin #creativity #expression #feminism