Neues Gemaelde


(acrylic, indian ink & pencil on canvas)

Neues Gemaelde!  Since transitioning to a new role and part-time work hours, I’ve happily had more time to paint, reflect, listen to my body and generally be more in tune with myself.  One of the catalysts for this awareness was reading a book called ‘Red Moon’ about the menstrual cycle and the body’s rhythms during it’s monthly stages. Tuning into these changes has brought an awareness of body and mind I’ve never experienced before and – perhaps for the first time consciously – brought me closer to myself.  This latest painting is a map of my menstrual cycle divided into it’s four stages – a culmination of this reflection and awareness and the marking of a new chapter.


Festival Política 2019


Another screening brings ‘Company B‘ happily into 2019 – this time Portugal’s Festival Política which takes place from April 25th – 28th 2019 in Lisbon and then travels onto Braga and Évora.  I’m always pleased to be included in festivals that engage with politics and/or human rights – opening up dialogue through film.  Also loving their festival poster – looks like it’ll be a great festival!

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Frame Rush Film Festival 2019


First screening of the new year!  Company B has been selected for yet another Dance Film Festival – the first ever edition of London’s Frame Rush Film Festival! So delighted to be getting more showings for the film.  Screening date is TBC but the festival takes place from March 15th – 16th in The Place, London, UK.

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#creativity #expression #feminism #uk #london #irishfilm #ireland #irishdance

Lightmoves Festival of Screendance 2018

Lightmoves_ Company B post


Delighted that Company B has been selected for this year’s Light Moves Festival of Screen Dance in Co. Limerick, Ireland.  I had this festival in mind to enter when first completing the film, so it’s a special one to be selected for.  The screening date is TBC but the festival takes place from Nov 8th – 11th 2018.

#documentary #film #festival #ireland #stillvoices #boysthatdance #contemporary #dance
#dublin #creativity #expression #feminism

Tipperary Dance Platform 2018


Company B has been selected for this year’s Tipperary Dance Platform International Screen Dance Festival in Co Tipperary, Ireland.  Screening date TBC but the festival takes place in the Excel Centre, Tipperary, Co. Tipperary from October 8th – 14th 2018.  Delighted it’s getting some screenings back home <3.


#documentary #film #festival #ireland #stillvoices #boysthatdance #contemporary #dance 
#dublin #creativity #expression #feminism


Still Voices Short Film Festival 2018


Company B – my latest short documentary about Ireland’s only all-boy contemporary dance group –  has been selected for this year’s Still Voices Short Film Festival in Co Longford and will be it’s Irish premiere!  Screening on Aug 17th in The Library from 9.00 -10am and again in Bog Lane Theatre Aug 18th 9.00 – 10:00am.  Woo!

#documentary #film #festival #ireland #stillvoices #boysthatdance #contemporary #dance
#dublin #creativity #expression #feminism


‘8’ – Repeal the Eighth

In 3 weeks Ireland votes in a referendum to change the 8th amendment of the constitution which currently equates the right to life of a pregnant woman with that of an embryo or foetus. In doing so, it criminalises abortion in all cases except where to continue a pregnancy would result in death. Medical practitioners can lose their licence, or face jail time, if they offer advice to women in need of abortions. Every day 12 women are forced to travel to the UK to have abortions and aftercare in Ireland is minimal for those who have to travel.
I made this piece a year ago in solidarity with the campaign and to highlight the plight women in Ireland face every day. I’ve tried to find events to have it shown back home, but sadly, to no avail. I believe there are restrictions in place on social media for showing imagery or videos containing nudity, but I want to put it out there – however briefly – now more than ever.  If anyone knows of an event between now and May 25th where it might be useful to show, please feel free to put me in touch with the organisers. Feel free to share.
#repealtheeighth #togetherforyes #repealthe8th

Dublin Doc Fest comes to Berlin!


This year Dublin Doc Fest – the short documentary film festival I run & Ireland’s only short documentary film festival – turns 6 and to celebrate, we’re hitting the road! Teaming up with the Embassy of Ireland Berlin and the Irish Film Institute (IFI), we delved into the festival vaults to bring a special night of short Irish docs in Berlin’s oldest Kino, Kino Moviemento on Wed 18th April 2018.
Off the Board (dir. Siobhan Perry, 07′ 55″)
Needle Exchange (dir. Colm Quinn, 09′ 41″)
What Remains (dir. Pat Collins in collaboration with Tadhg O’Sullivan, 11′ 00″)
Novena (dir. Anna Rodgers, 18′ 00″)
Grey Area (dir. Jonathan Barton, 11′ 00″)
Home (dir. Aoife Kelleher, 15′ 00″)
Bloody Good Headline (dir. Paul Quinn & Tom Burke, 14′ 12″)
The Truth About Irish Hip-Hop (dir. Gavin Fitzgerald, 18′ 47″)

Celebrating contemporary Irish documentary filmmaking with a very special programme that includes; Pat Collins & Tadhg O’Sullivan’s captivating short ‘What Remains’ compiled entirely from IFI archive, Aoife Kelleher’s ‘Home’ – a touching portrait of the Irish immigrant, Siobhan Perry’s ‘Off The Board’, a delicate short about adolescence and facing one’s fears and Gavin Fitzgerald’s fast-paced doc ‘The Truth About Irish Hip-Hop’ on the flourishing Irish hip-hop scene.

Proudly supported by: the Embassy of Ireland Berlin & The Irish Film Institute.